Fun Slumber Party Games Ideas for Teenage Girls

As you realize, slumber party games can be a favorite fun activity for youngsters, teenagers, as well as adults. Having a sleepover party with friends and playing various creative games inside it is definitely an all-time favorite activity for all ages, especially teenage girls.

So when you find yourself hosting a slumber party, one of the considerations you wish to be sure your party has, offers some fun game ideas planned to shell out the night and provide lots of laughter and nice memories.

Most Popular Fun Slumber Party Game Ideas

Some of the games are playful, and several more wild and naughty. You can choose your favorite according to whatever you like and what you already know your other friends will love as well.

1. Slumber Game: Sleeping Beauty
It can be a popular interesting game where someone is chosen to become the sleeping beauty and also the other players should have funny ways to wake her up (get her to laugh).

2. Slumber Game: Name That Tune
You simply have fun playing the beginning of the song prior to the artist starts singing, and the person who can guess the particular song fastest is the winner. It can be a fun game to experience at the sleepover party for teenage girls.

3. Slumber Game: Free Beauty Stations
Set up beauty stations around the room and pamper your friends and relatives with free makeup and dressing games. Then you’ll be able to switch places as well as your friends take action for you. Every teenage girl enjoys to get treated just like a beauty queen for the night.

Have fun planning your girl sleepover night!